Undergraduate projects and extracurricular work from Baruch College.

chinatown: a magazine

A study of New York City's Chinatown that tests my photography and editorial design skills.

Many see Chinatown for its inherent embodiment of "the Chinese immigrant" and its "exotic" culture. I sought to step away from the tourists' point of view and capture the Chinatown I grew up visiting and learning about almost every other day as a first-generation Chinese-American kid. Chinatown was — and still is  — my second home, despite never living there. It is the closest I will be (for a long time) to learning about my ethnic background.

All Chinese characters were handwritten by my mother and father and vectored by myself.

Lickity Split Brand Guidelines

"Lickity Split" was an assignment for a Corporate Branding class I took as an undergraduate. The objective was to come up with a make-believe company, form its identity and personality, and create a branding guide explaining the dos and don'ts of the company's brand image and name.

Lickity Split was an ice-cream shop that embodied skateboarding culture, street art/graffiti, and the colorful childhood nostalgia of ice cream and cartoons. It's a place for all ages, despite divided opinions on street art.

Baruch College: Event Flyers

A selection of flyers created for on-campus events hosted by two active student organizations (Transfer Student Organization, Absolute Adrenaline) I was a part of and led during my time in Baruch College.